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Air Filter Tower at Roosevelt Square

How the architecture contribute in managing air pollution on urban heritage and sustainably integrating into community?

Master plan of the old Spanish walls

The Leien are a series of streets that largely follow the route of the Spanish fortification walls as it was constructed in the 16th century. In the modern days, the entire road on Leien has become a chaotic distribution line of trams, car and buses, neglecting pedestrians and cyclists. This complicated 60 meters wide traffic boulevard along the Leien has formed a huge traffic barrier and becomes one of the main contributors to the air pollution.

Site Models



Roosevelt Square Site Plan

Roosevelt Square Lower Ground Plan

The Oasis of Old Walls

The architecture in this scheme functions as air purifier to clean the air. The historical Spanish wall now becomes part of the ecosystem which turns into urban attractions for the people. In addition, the traffics will be reduced and pushed to one side of the boulevard. The Leien and the old walls are both meaningful to the people and the city. How to promote the sustainable design into people everyday life to benefit community instead of replacing historical site by motorway? The integration of old walls to the new public space brings a greater sense of openness and accessibility to the old fortification, reflect the history of the site, whilst proposing new community spaces socially and environmentally.

The Oasis of Old Walls

Air Filter Towers at the Leien

Tower Axonometric

Tower Plans

Structural Models

Sustainable Design