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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

Collage of Model Exploration

The first project aims to challenge the idea of slowness in a fast-paced transitional space. Here is a collage of form exploration to explore how the repetition of forms slow down the users of a space.

Collage of Materiality Exploration

A collage of exploration using different types of translucent and transparent materials to incorporate in the space.

Line Drawing of Intervention

Atelier Bow-Wow inspired line drawing of the installation design of the ceiling incorporated in the transit area.

Slowness in a Transitional Space

The final image depicts how the ceiling installation would look like. It may seem like fabric or a dreamscape to some; it allows users of the space to imagine and ponder what the design could be and to appreciate the materiality at the same time.

Passage of Time

A conceptual representation of how the lighting condition will be throughout the whole day. The lighting mimics the movement of the sun during the day, creating a different experience within the same space.

Exploration of Textures and Patterns

The second project is to create a homestay within the context of a Housing Development Board flat in Singapore as a temporal pause from the busyness of everyday life. Plaster casting that explores different textures and patterns The intention is to create textures that attempt to speak of the passage of time throughout the day.

Re-arrangement of Spaces

The walls of the space are reorganised to have the living spaces in the middle. This creates a longer walkway for users to slow down their pace. Panels with different degrees of translucency are added to offer privacy and invoke curiosity as one walks through the corridor space.

Conceptual Model of framing and materiality.

A model exploration using framing as well as different degrees of transparency to slow users within the space. By using framing and translucent materials, it allows users to be cautious, but allowing exploration within the space. This creates different experiences as well as different views one can experience within the same space.

Sectional Elevation of the Home-Stay

Sectional elevation view that shows different degrees of transparency and wooden panels that offers privacy as well as invokes a sense of curiosity for users in the space.

Corridor Space

The corridor view when one interacts with the translucent washi paper. It offers privacy as well as invokes a sense of curiosity for users in the space.

To Rest and Ponder

Small pods for users to sit ponder and rest as well.

Different Degrees of Translucency

The bedroom where fluted glass panels are placed to offer privacy as well as to continue creating different degrees of translucency throughout the space.

Layering of Spaces

A small garden is placed in the middle, separating both living spaces.