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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

Testing at home

Vegetable paper boxes on wall

Photograph alongside the park


Fresh leaves prototyping

Field trips of the countryside

Sketch & Development

Mine Materials Pallet

Material experiment of natural and artificial leaves. Materials: spinach, spring onion, orange, carrot peel, celery, seaweed, coffee grounds, rose petals. cheese, rice, agar agar powder, tissue, recycled paper

Initial sampling upon the country objects

The natural

Simulating the texture of leaves with patination and rolling


Gathering the green components with laser welding and traditional paper making. Materials- steel wire, silver, vegetable paper

Urban Fields

Transfer the ideal urban landscape materially and visually. Materials- brass, silver, handmade vegetable paper

The Artifical

Paper cube on the countryside field. Material: mixed leaves, paper, gold leaves, laser cut card