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Interesting Shadows Inspired my Initial research

Scribble Cup

Creating shadow inspired utilitarian objects.


The notion of deconstructed vessels; re-constructed with laser cuttings.

Dissected Vessels

Copper spun vessels; re-formed and dissected.

Twist n’ Stretch

Silver vessel Design


Samples and Sketches of vessels

Parametric Models

Thinking through making models. Inspired by Parametric design.

Parametric Set

Set of three vessels. Silver, Perspex and Wire. Designs created using parametric processes and showing the evolution of traditional and modern technologies.

Parametric Samples

Laser cut Perspex and Jesmonite samples. Exploring Parametric Aesthetic.

Parametric Vessels

Silver Textured Vessels. Designs created using parametric processes.


Perspex Sculptures and Vases

Price: ££35 - £40

This item is for sale, please contact for more information.