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Where's Your Bag

A campaign targeted to reduce plastic wastage by first improving cashier's operation and recreating an awareness brand

Hear Me Out!

Set of theraphy cards targeted to improve the mental health of an individual with social anxiety. Use as an aid to recount an experience without the need to verbally express it.

Mind of a Sadist

The book illustrates a suprising message of how anyone you know can be guilty of having the mind of a sadist. Depicting some of our uncensored everyday thoughts to the worst kinds of sadism reflected in our society today.

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Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

Every Good Boy Deserves a Favour is a stage play written by Tom Stoppard that made its first appearance in 1977. The style of illustration influenced the screenplay by depecting the orchestrated performance as a way to ridicule the Soviets practice of treating political dissidence as a form of mental illness.

Like is a distortion of Altruism

The project focuses on the rising narcissist behaviour online, specifically on social media platforms. The 4 clayed faces potrayed the types of narcissist that are familiar to us. The faces allows you to see your own reflection by looking through the eyes. Meant to represent a person's excessive self-admiration. I then left them on the streets to see how people would interact with it.