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Trophy Girls, 2020

Trophy Girls 3D prints discrimination.

“ Have you ever felt like a potato, pigeonholed solely by race or nationality? What they want is a trophy; not a person. Give them a potato. Give them a potato trophy to show how they make you feel. Yes asshole, you finally have a potato trophy to show off. Good luck.”

Potato trophies are to send out the message to offenders who categorise or discriminate by race or nationality. The trophy, especially the plaque, can be personalised and customised. The service welcomes all genders for submission… offenders are everywhere. Orders can be submitted anonymously online.

The examples for perusal are made by the creator, Soorin Shin who identifies as an Asian female.

This item is for sale, please contact for more information.

Potato trophy examples

exhibited in ds2020simulator(digital), 2020 (Asian girls in your fantasy who have never existed)

A series of digital collages composed of found images online, advertising Asian girls for dating or marriage. These websites often categorise women by their nationalities so customers can choose girls in their favour. The fantasy of Asian girls is realised in the Internet space dominated by racial fetishisation, in which they are objectified and exoticised. The misogynistic ideology and racial stereotypes are criticised by showing the mass(or mess) of figures in this fantasy, and modified and distorted faces and bodies become the ultimate representation of the Asian girls at the customer’s request, who have never existed and never will.

No, Ladies Are Not Waiting Anymore

This public art project was installed on the parapet of Glasgow bridge, A77, next to Ladies Waiting Room.

Ladies Waiting Room is an abandoned building right next to Glasgow Bridge. It was built in 1880s. It wasn’t a public toilet but a space for ladies waiting for small boats to cross the Clyde.Around that time, if there was a ladies waiting room, the other was a general waiting room.

This is an open window into the mindframe of the past; the male biologically, culturally and politically forming the society’s first class (general), whereas the female, waiting as an afterthought, form the second class.

“No, ladies are not waiting anymore.”

exhibited in In Residence. 16 Nicholson Street &THE PIPE FACTORY, Glasgow, 2018