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HUMPUMP is a branding/social campaign that promotes safe sex to protect children from being products of unintended pregnancy. A sex-friendly initiative that provides free condoms for anyone who wants it and invites them to have fun safely. Targeted at young adults who actively participates in the hookup culture, the dispensers are located inside bars and clubs where these demographics often frequent. Inspired by the designs of safety signs around us, it employs a straight forward message with a touch of millennial humor to reach its audiences.

The Ego

The Ego is an illustrated publication that attempts to prompt its audience to acknowledge the need to reconcile with oneself for conscious growth. A healthy personality, based on Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality, results from a balance in the dynamic interaction of three elements — id, ego, superego.


This is a magazine design project. SPARK focuses on topics about personal development. In this edition, it discusses about how and why we fall in love, in hopes to being more familiar with this great mystery.


Grow is an A1 poster based on my experience during my Overseas Immersion Programme to Scotland. All of a sudden in a foreign land, I became fully responsible and in control of all my thoughts and actions. Having the power to act, speak, and think without externally imposed restraints. This unforeseen liberation felt conflicting. Why was I feeling burdened for being me? This labyrinth that I struggled to get out of sparked Grow, a maze designed as a visual reminder to prompt these thoughts I had on independence. (Text messages used were authentic conversations.)