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Bosco Regina

"Bosco Regina" is a portrait of a man and his dogs as they hunt for the ultimate prize, the woodcock - also known as the queen of the forest. This visually spectacular documentary is a meditation on the coexistence of predator and prey and the beauty to be found between the lines of pursuit and action. It is a peaceful film about hunting, where the only shots fired are from a camera. Sean directed, filmed, edited and wrote voiceover and music for the film.

Not To Need You

“Not To Need You”, by Scottish act Dancing on Tables, is an example of Sean’s innovative and ambitious approach to filmmaking. The video was filmed in a single continuous take to help capture the songs building tension, and complex choreography was used to achieve the impression that the band were disappearing and reappearing, meant to visually represent the themes of loss and separation explored within the song. Sean directed, filmed and edited the video, with the help of a single assistant on the day to ensure he didn’t fall over when walking backwards.


This showreel features work which has all been filmed and edited by Sean De Francesco between 2019-20. The musical accompaniment “Breaking Or Broken (Instrumental)” was composed by Sean as part of the band Moonlight Zoo.

Filming "Bosco Regina"

Taken during the filming of "Bosco Regina", which was shot entirely with a Sony a6300 + kit lens, mounted on an electronic gimbal.

Filming at the SSE Hydro