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Antwerp Demographics- Bringing the world to Antwerp

With Antwerp being an extremely diverse European city, it was necessary to convey the different nationalities residing within the city. The range of nationalities of people residing in the city prompted for a thesis response which sought to invite the “world” to a central location to learn about languages of the country.

Antwerp Historic Centre

Antwerp has had major public realm improvement with Antwerp Central station being expanded to include a high-speed rail service which removes the terminus status of the station. The site selected for the proposal is the subject of a recent major public realm improvement which is situated on a main `boulevard within the city which used to be a boundary wall of the historic city. This makes the site selection favourable as it’s on a key historic gateway to the city from the newer side of the city.

Site Connectivity

Being surround by major transport links such as the train station, bus station, bike station and newly revamped metro-station, allows residents from all over Antwerp to come and learn languages, furthering their communication skills whilst acting as a catalyst for cultures to mix.

Proposal Ground Floor Plan

This ground floor plan shows an open foyer with exhibition space and cafe located on the ground floor.

Proposal Cross Section

This sectional study shows the main internal atrium space which acts as a catalyst for social interaction.

Proposal Long Section

This long section shows internal spaces of the language institute as well as the surround context. This includes the Antwerp tower, opera and the recently improved public realm on the boulevard.

Learning Landscape Tools

Researching the famous Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger, the design of educational buildings becomes clearer with his intention to create spaces which promote social interaction within its users. Hertzberger talks of “Inhabitable Corridors” which refers to circulation space become useable space in comparison to the traditional classroom arrangement where the corridors are often too long and dimly lit. These diagrams seek to show the different tools envisaged within the proposal building.

Proposal First Floor Plan

Moving from the ground floor to the first floor via the main staircase, users are granted access to a public lecture theatre. Travelling up through the building via another widened staircase, more traditional classrooms are located on the upper floors.

Proposal Floor Plans

The following plans give a sense of the different room layouts intended. There's an aspiration within the design to create open social spaces as well as some enclosed learning spaces. The teased theme in these floor plans looks at designed circulation space given the same lighting quality as the teaching rooms themselves.

Proposal Elevation and Section

This image seeks to show the materials envisaged for the project at the mid way point during the design phase.