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Arsenal Football Club Official Magazine - Feb Issue

Me being a huge Arsenal fan, I did not want to have football players on the cover page as most designers would, instead I used their mascots to portray the clubs, Arsenal (Cannon) and Tottenham Hotspur (Blue Chicken) respectively. The main attraction is in the centre, The cannon is ready to blast the chicken to outer-space. This way I could add some fun to the cover page design.

It was quite a challenge to design this page. This was my first time doing a “print design” as I’ve been designing for the screen (digital) my whole life. Layout placements in print design can be very important, but I didn’t want to compromise on my digital skillset for this particular page. Therefore I fused both styles. Now read the RED letters from top to bottom. What do you get?

I thought it would be quite interesting to show all the French players who have played for Arsenal Football Club during it’s 134 year old history. As such this would be the complete list of French players from the year 1886 - 2019.

I had a lot of flexibility and fun working on the design on this page in particular because of how I managed to cleverly merged 2 different Arsenal Third Kits (Pink & Cyan) into 1 page. By doing so, not only does it not look regular and dull anymore… It also looks energetic and youthful!

The last one would be a collage of many more different page layouts and designs that are featured in my own edition of the Arsenal Magazine. 

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Incuba - Luxury Healthcare Packaging

INCUBA is a microchip that is inserted and incubates in the human body which reverses the effects of procrastination by monitoring and re-balancing the different levels of hormonal and negative chemicals changes in the human body.

This is my design process where I came out with some rough sketches digitally with pin-point accuracy and measurements done to scale for the development stage for product prototyping. I also made a breakdown of the different parts needed to put the prototype together to finalise the design.

This is the “Chip base Plate” where the placement of INCUBA chip will be for display.

Once the top half of the packaging is opened and remove, underneath this is what you will see. The Emblem of the INCUBA chip design (hexagon-shaped) and a Manual for the user to know how the product functions.

The last one would be a collage of many more different page layouts and designs that are featured during the Product shot on INCUBA.

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