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Overview of Communicate

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong condition, which affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, as well as how they experience the world around them. Meltdown and shutdown are intense emotional response to “triggers”, which could lead to long-term mental health. Communicare aims to provide an effective meltdown and shutdown prevention system for autistic children through modular 3-lead ECG monitoring and stress analysis. It connects the ECG wearables to the caregivers’ devices, allowing them to detect the upcoming meltdown and shutdown, in order to provide the right support at the right time.

Why 3-lead ECG?

Communicare consists of 3 ECG modules, worn on both right and left wrists, and the right hip. These ECG modules communicate through Bluetooth connection, forming a 3-lead ECG setup. This setup is used, because it increases the overall accuracy of the product. It enables in-depth cardiac analysis, since ECG features such as HRV and ectopic beat are linked to the autonomous nervous system, which is triggered by the flight or fight response. In other words, stress can affect our ECG activity.

Communicate App

The ECG modules then send the ECG data to the Communicare application, which comes in both desktop and mobile forms. The application allows the caregivers (mainly teachers and parents) to monitor the child’s current stress level. On the wristband itself, the LEDs are shown, acting as a visual cue for the passer-by (who does not have the Communicare app). Overall, the product enables the detection of upcoming meltdown and shutdown of an autistic child.

The straps

The silicone straps are interchangeable, so that the user can choose different strap designs to their liking. It is secured through the watch strap pin, which is shaped like a puzzle piece to symbolise and empower autism. –This aspect is based on the interviews conducted with the user group.