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Pools, exhibited in Civic House Glasgow, explores the nature of my relationship to the sea by considering instinctual acts of collecting and archiving shells found on the shoreline. Addressing the drive behind these acts, I question the variations in visual and tactile experiences of the landscape that result in domestic curation of collected terrestrial form.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow assesses the distribution of water in-land and in the sea - reflecting upon environmental intervention at the shoreline alongside studio making. In harmony with Woodlands Trust, the work resided in the pond and river running through Lang Craigs, Dumbarton.

Embodied Making

A curation of significant family kitchenware alongside sculpture, print and publication. This body of work, exhibited at Pig Rock Bothy, National Galleries of Scotland - Edinburgh, addresses the evocation of memory through environmental encounter and domestic making. In extension, this grouping of significant material further speculates upon notions of embodying knowledge of traditional making in the hands.


For Vessel, I implemented an alternative mode of environmental encounter - driven by a desire to frame my own observation and placement within Ardrossan’s shoreline. The large mussel structure was made in likeness to the body - the torso - resulting in this placement and displacement of form to reflect and enhance a personal relationship to the landscape.

Projection Mapping

A research project assessing potential relationships between sites of environmental intervention. This series explores themes of locality as well as elements such as time, weather and space - confronting material and place through projection mapping. The work provides a platform for alternative modes of experiencing the natural environment, in a gallery setting, through distortion of imagery upon the sculptural form of an enlarged shell containing water.


A site specific project exploring physical and imagined landscapes. Taking place upon the shoreline of the town I grew up in, the work explores notions of attaining a form of self-orientation using material upheaval as a mode of creating visual reference points upon the land. The process was documented and made in to a publication, that was later distributed in a crafted wooden box partially buried in the site of excavation.

Leading up to Degree Show I had been addressing closely the relationship between the body and the landscape - reflecting upon previous environmental interventions or sculptural outlets as being closer to the body than perhaps understood at the time. I have begun to work with parian clay - engaging with the material similarities between this particular clay, and bone - and shell.


Earthenware ceramic casts of metal buoy