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Residential Floor Plans

In this six storey building. The first five floors are dedicated to a range of sizes of flats to accommodate a variety of tenants.

The Corridors

A main design feature throughout the shared spaces in my design is curved walls. Curved walls are softer on the eye and the doorways located between the light voids and the external storage acts as a natural boundary between public and private space and giving them a feeling of “indoor streets”

The Light Voids

Natural light was an important factor when designing the layout of this building. I wanted to give more attention to spaces which are normally disregarded when designing residential buildings. Light voids down the centre of the building allows me to avoid having narrow dark corridors and gives the space more purpose rather than just being a pathway to get from A to B.


Choosing materials which are sustainable, durable and affordable was important when designing this space. After researching lots of examples of previous social housing in Glasgow, a common theme was poor material choices which lead the buildings to fall into disrepair. The materials used throughout the building are easily maintained, within a reasonable budget as well as being environmentally friendly.

View Through a Light Void

Section of the Corridor

Often in new residential buildings, there is a lack of personality with every doorway only being distinguished by a number. To avoid this, and contribute to easy navigation of the building, I chose to incorporate different coloured doors as well as the curved design creating the opportunity to personalise your doorway personal belonging.

Social Space

To encourage community living, the top floor of the building is a social space which provides entertainment for tenants of all ages. These facilities include a games room, a play area, a gym, a library, a communal laundry and an indoor walkway full of greenery and natural light.

Indoor Walkway

This indoor walkway is a space for tenants to come and relax or take a walk when the weather isn’t so great. It is flooded with natural light from the large windows that surround the entire top floor and skylights in the roof.


As this housing scheme aims to provide people with a healthy life a gym in provided on the top floor to encourage tenants to keep fit and healthy.

Play Area

Often in flats there is not enough space for young children to run around and play, which can often cause tensions to run high when living in a confined space. This open space with visibility from the walkway allows parents to socialise while keeping an eye on their children playing.