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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
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Tanker Voyage

I wanted to take us here: The colossal ruin of a 1940's oil tanker from Inverness. These megalithic structures were built to be bomb proof in the 1940's, in order to supply thousands of gallons of furnace fuel oil to the Royal Navy's bass located near by. The complex consists of 6 individual tanks, that are measured roughly at 14 metres high, 9 metres wide and a staggering 240 meters in length. In order to capture the impulse responses I set up several microphones around one of the enclosed chambers. By projecting carefully selected sounds through multiple speakers, I was able to record the spacial-acoustics of the vast chamber. Using the original recordings and the sounds created with the impulse responses, I wanted to transport the listeners into the heart of the tanker. My own experience of this cold and dark ruin is suggested in the dramatic composition I have created. From 3rd order ambisonics I have rendered this to a stereo mix.

Tranquility & Disruption

This short film assignment was my first experience making a film with entirely original content. Within this piece I explore the diversity of the out door world, looking at Scotland and the industrial City of Glasgow. I wanted to draw attention to the 2 different worlds we live in; experimenting with tension and surprise in order to emphasise the contrast between the natural and the manmade. Blending progressive sounds, field recordings and harmonic tones, I attempted to compliment the rushes of the vast landscapes; slowing time and creating space for contemplation. This is disrupted by the glitchy scenes of the city, where industrial noises intensify the lights and brutal architecture.