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A visualisation of the final product in use.

‘TASIP’ Product Video

This little animation shows how ‘TASIP’ can help to value food and broaden children’s taste awareness by introducing and getting used to new tastes, thus, ultimately creating new food habits and enriching the taste culture and intelligence (c 2,5 min).


What if there would be a way to know how the food tastes even before eating it? The narrative shows a moment with design opportunities (c 1 min).

Early User Engagement

A visualisation of user interviews and experiments with the key quote that sparked the interest and informed the project.

Project Inspirations

Early inspiration and theme exploration. Looking at the broader area of food and emphasising on areas of focus and some key issues around the chosen theme.

'Toolstool' Experience Video

An animated story board of the project outcome. ‘Toolstool’ invites people from any community which experiences a social disintegration, unheard voices and the loss of roots to start the discussion of mutual aims and goals. The kit is used as a workshop starter which creates platforms for people from different societal groups to exchange knowledge and eventually come together into the same room. The thoughts and ideas of the communities are built into a dialogue that takes the form of an exhibition.

Project Contexts and Insights

What does a Christmas cake have to do with conservation of cultural knowledge and heritage? This visual mind-map illustrates the journey of thoughts around the developing theme and design opportunities of my project. It highlights the key insights of the external experts that the project was informed and inspired by.

Product Prototype

A visualisation of ‘Toolstool’ and its packaging being constructed.

Project Value

An illustration of the ‘Toolstool’ experience’s ultimate value. By creating situations where stories can be shared, the kit works as a conversation facilitator for exchanging the cultural heritage and knowledge between global and local communities.