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Margiela+Moholy-Nagy Collage

A conceptual collage forming visual links between the brand, Maison Margiela, and chosen practitioner, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, was crafted to aid the process for The Window Project.

Spirit of Geylang Serai

The genius loci or character of Geylang is represented by a vibrant, crowded environment and its Malay community shown in this collage as part of the research study for the final year project.

Material & Activities Collage

The conceptual collage propose the use of materials and the idea of sharing knowledge through different means. It guides the process for the final year project, A Cultural Mosaic, to achieve the essence of Malayness and the importance of interaction.

Learning Space Entrance

A Cultural Mosaic is a learning space that allows a glimpse of Malayness to both the Malays and non-Malays. With an integrated library that curates books about the Malay identity and culture, it serves as a useful resource for people to learn about the Malays.

The 'Kitchen'

The furnitures were designed to play with different levels of height to create the kitchen experience inspired by the Malay rituals in a traditional Malay house. The use of screens instead of walls aims to open up opportunities for interaction and knowledge sharing.

Emotional Canvas

A look into the Vandilist Expression, a space where the youths and students can release their pent-up emotions onto a canvas, as part of the proposed intervention for The Ways We Shop.

Shooting Range

The entire facade of the assembly for The Ways We Shop uses one-way mirror to provide the freedom to express freely without fear of being stared by the public. However, from the outside, the public are able to view the emotions that are being expressed by the users.

Pandora Box

Tackling the repressed, negative emotions of youths and students which may come from peer pressure, a utopian space for students was ideated. The collage expresses the concept of the intervention for The Ways We Shop, inspired by rage rooms.

The Ways We Inhabit This Space

The proposed inhabitations for A Cultural Mosaic was illustrated through a sectional perspective view. The key ideas of the learning space’s design plays with the different ways a person can sit, referenced to the sitting rituals where a single mat can accomodate for multiple needs.

Sectional Perspective of Cinema

An open-cinema was designed for Reminiscene which aims to bring back the spirit of Malayness, the spirit of community gathering, that was lost in the present. The use of the roof abstraction was to symbolise nostalgia due to the past site, the Geylang Serai Malay Village.