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Metaphors For Everyday Life, User Group Workshop

A stakeholder workshop that used metaphors to develop a narrative involving independent thought and questioning skills, prompting discussion and exploration surrounding the experiences of individuals with disabilities. This task involved the children creating their own world full of obstacles and then creating solutions on how to tackle them. The aim was to challenge the children to use asset-based thinking and problem solving.

Case Study and Mood Research for Semantics and Context

Mood boards and case studies informed the design direction in the discovery and defining stage of this self-initiated project.

Understanding and exploring a possible context for the design intervention.

I took visual notes of the classroom environment, the configuration of the learning space and how the relationships and connections are made within it.

Scenario Landscape

A scenario landscape illustrating the current environment, contexts and stakeholders. There are moments of friction (highlighted in yellow) which are where a design intervention could be implemented.

Impact and response from the target user group

The children engaged and responded to the stimuli, creating their own context and solving the problems put in their way.

Local Coin Product Video

A promotional video explaining Local Coin and the contents of the Local Coin digital platform. The digital platform works alongside a digital wallet in the form of a 'Local Coin' that a Local Coin user used to trade. All of the transactions made using a Local Coin are stored in the digital platform. This information is collated to inform users on where sustainable and local trade is taking place and connects distant communities with the common goal of localising trade and empowering rural communities.

Work in Progress

Designing the experience of the users.

Stakeholder Interaction

Meeting the experts. During this final Expert Input Day, I was able to share a detailed explanation of my concept and design direction. The experts gave specific and detailed commentary on my concept.

Developing Appearance Models

Coin iterations made from organic materials like coffee and sand mixed with resin. Wearable iterations made from plaster and an iteration of the appearance models.