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Cube Audio Implementation Demo

This piece is included to demonstrate my experience using the game audio middleware ‘Wwise’, using its in-built demo game ‘Cube’. This type of software is designed to enable sound designers to implement audio in an interactive environment, while still having access to some of the tools and the familiarity of a traditional digital audio workstation. Using a combination of synthesis, Foley recording and sound FX libraries, I began accumulating sound assets that I felt suited the visual appearance of the game, that being a retro, low-res form. Once I had sourced and/or recorded the required sounds, I arranged and assigned them to create an interactive soundscape within the framework of Wwise. There are some issues caused by audio triggers from the game itself, namely the speed of footsteps and the type of underfoot surfaces, but despite this I am happy with the progress of this piece, and it has served as an invaluable learning exercise into the process of implementing sound in games.


This piece was inspired by the Franz Kafka novella ‘The Metamorphosis’, a story in which the main character, Gregor Samsa, awakens in his bed to discover that he has transformed into a giant insect. The story conveys a number of thematic messages, including those of isolation, disease and alienation. It can be read as a comment on the fragility of the mind and body, with emphasis given to the description of Gregor’s transformed state and the effect it has on him. For this work I produced and combined sound and visual imagery to represent the opening scene of the story, when Gregor awakens to the melancholy-inducing sound of rain on his window, before slowly realising what has happened to him. In this piece my primary aim was to create and use sound to convey Gregor’s shifting emotions, gradually moving from a subdued, melancholic state to one of dawning panic and horror. The visuals are intended to supplement these emotional connotations, while also helping to enhance the impression of claustrophobia and isolation.