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Pause or Pay UK Manifesto

We need UK Art and Design Schools to listen to their student bodies and offer current students flexibility that is accessible for all students in the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are fully in support of the NUS Student Safety Net Campaign but believe extra provisions must be made for studio-based learners. Given the lack of consultation and communication across the sector, we believe it is necessary that schools: • Guarantee that Higher Education Institutions will fight for the 2 year post-study visa extensions to be brought forward for 2020 graduates. And PAUSE • Opt-out of Virtual Learning for those students that do not believe it is a viable alternative to what they paid for. It is a physical impossibility and dangerous to suggest a continuation of certain artistic activities outside the studio and the safety of a workshop. • Guarantee a physical degree show for all their 2020 graduates* who wish to participate. This includes provisions for 2-3 months of full access to workshops and studios or bursaries to access external facilities. Or PAY • Appropriate refund to reflect the loss of teaching, studios, access to facilities which has been ongoing since the start of this year. * We are here to represent all students, including but not limited to: disabled students, students of colour, students at risk, students falling on financial hardship, students who do not feel safe at home, international students (including tier 4 visa holders), students without IT resources, neurodiverse students, mature students, students with caring responsibilities and students whose mental health has been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Pause or Pay was established to unite studio-based courses and highlight to our HEIs and the UK Governments that the mitigations for our issues due to the pandemic are not yet enough. Together our solidarity can transcend this crisis and change the future of arts education. Join us @pauseorpayuk Get in touch - Pause or Pay UK

Nets Trusses Ropes Bags

Some of the text comes from a found description of the way the fascial tissue (tissue that holds you together) operates as nets, trusses, ropes, pouches, tubes and bags. Weather systems, bodily systems and systems of understanding.

Moving clouds make me fall over

Paper, acrylic and oil paint on wooden board 153 x 80 cm

Sugar Paper Book

Coloured paper on sugar paper 30 x 42 cm Writing in paper cut-out. I’m watching the pattern of letters as they repeat and shift. An alternative writing process.

abric Hangings

Acrylic and oil paint, watercolour pencil and paper on blackout fabric Individual hangings: 153 x 50 cm Like human figures.