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Open Day

Fine Art Portfolio Clinics (1300 – 1600)

These sessions are bookable via Eventbrite.

You will have 15 minutes in total with an academic member of staff, this will give you up to 10 minutes to discuss your work and 5 minutes for feedback and guidance from the academic.

In order to ensure you can effectively discuss your work within the time limit you should bring no more than 5 images/slides for discussion. We advise that you bring a mixture of sketchbook work, work in progress, and finished work (if available). You are not required to bring work that is “portfolio ready” the session is designed to provide you with advice and guidance as you work towards preparing a portfolio.

The meeting will be via Zoom, and you will be sent a Zoom link for the session after registration. You will need to display your work by screen share. Guidance on how to do this, and use Zoom in general, is included on the online event page for this event.

For work you want to show that isn’t already available to be viewed digitally, it is important to take good quality images of the work that can be shared on screen.


Please note: this will not be an interview for a place on a programme nor an indicator of likelihood of success in making an application. This will be feedback on your current work and guidance on how best to continue to build and prepare your portfolio for application.