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Fashion Showreel ’21

Launched on 19 March, 3rd Year Fashion Design and Textile Design students present a showreel version of the annual Fashion Show.

The pandemic has spurred the need for spontaneous experimentation and provided an unexpected opportunity for innovation to complement tradition. Designers globally have had to adapt digital innovation and devise new ways of showcasing their collections, and their ideas, in place of a catwalk.

This is no different for 3rd Year Fashion and 3rd Year Textiles at The Glasgow School of Art where students have had to rethink the conventions of a GSA Fashion Show and somehow bring its spirit to life from the solitude of their bedrooms.

They have come together to share a variety of creative content including stop motion animation, collage animation, abstract animation, time lapse, motion capture, digital puppetry, projection and so on.

Some have explored atmospheric cinematic qualities while others have opted for the quirks of an early TV cartoon. Some have used digital tools to create a catwalk while others have used the back garden…