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Verda Motus

Verda Motus, an exclusive brand that is directed towards working adults which aims to reduce the use of plastic bags in supermarkets. The brand works around a reward system whereby users are rewarded with credit card rebates whenever they chose to use VM's reusable bags for their groceries instead of plastic bags. It targets existing members of chosen credit card types, especially those with a higher annual income and those who have higher purchasing power. Verda Motus Brand Guidelines. This page exhibits how the brand's logo should be used and the amount of clear space that is required when using the logo whether on a physical surface or digital platform.

The following pages in the Verda Motus Brand Guidelines shows all the do's and don'ts about the brand such as Logo Misuse, Primary & Secondary colours and Typography. These factors ensure consistency in how the brand is being showcased on products and various platforms.

Presenting Verda Motus’s member package. Includes beautiful, classy and versatile Verda Motus bag, lucky charm, and the exclusive membership credit card.

Verda Motus club website, exclusively for powerful people. The website provides insightful information on how to qualify and how to start being a member of the Verda Motus club.

The Lazzy Diner

This project brief requires me to forge community bonds over food hence I created The Lazzy Diner, a mobile food service that aims to connect working adults living in Punggol. Based on site surveys gathered, these residents only have a handful of eateries where they are able to socialise within Punggol. Unlike a delivery service, The Lazzy Diner will partner up with different restaurants islandwide each month and will park its truck at various neighbourhoods in Punggol. Residents will be able to book slots and have to sit down to dine together as a community.

The Lazzy Diner's mobile website is optimized and user-friendly for hungry owls in mind. The reservation process can be completed in a breeze. Diners will be able to read up on the partnered restaurant for the month. They will have to key in their personal particulars and book a dine in slot so that orders can be processed. Diners will be done ordering in a couple of minutes and they will know exactly what goes inside their stomachs as shown in the dietary information. All they have to do is to simply browse and select the cuisine and food that they will like to have, and complete the order list.

I illustrated food and ingredient elements to try and create a motif that represents The Lazzy Diner brand. I also experimented with various contrasting colours to see which one suits the brand persona.

Killiney's Brand Awareness

A conceptual project work with Killiney that requires a boost in their sales. According to the client, working adults are their main and current patrons however, I decided to target University students as it was an opportunity to gain more brand awareness since based on gathered research, University students hardly have breakfast or proper meals. The illustrated posters are designed to look hip and grungy as they will be placed around campuses to serve as a reminder for students to grab a bite from Killiney.