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Future Experiences - Musi Co.

Musi Co. is a brand that connects people through creative waste management. Cultivating relationships between communities, individuals, and nature across the world by channelling art and music as represented in the logo. Leading to inspiring stories that bring people together through a collective effort; the concept of recycling generates a force for change in communities and around the globe.

Subscribe for Connectivity

Musi Co. teaches people to treasure the waste that engulfs our urban environments, as a subscription service it spreads culture and worth. Users receive access to playlists of music jams online. Musi Co. subscribers receive a portable device pod that allows them the opportunity to record their own sounds from waste and send them to be mixed. Users save their favourite tunes on the pod to listen on the go.

Future of Opportunities

The service creates various opportunities for employment, as people are needed to gather materials, build the instruments, manage subscribers, and oversee the service’s operation. Participants in the Global South collect useful waste materials work and craft to construct and convert these into unique musical instruments from the recycled materials. Producing music with these instruments have a direct stake in reducing waste and reusing discarded materials while influencing future solid waste management habits and practices.

Making a Change

A main value of my project was to connect people from around the world. I focused on mutual connections with the aim to create reciprocal relationships. Meanwhile it was important to harness value of culture, sustainability, and resourcefulness. The cycle of Musi Co. offers opportunities and job roles at each stage of the service.

One Man`s Trash...

This sharing of music with members in different countries creates a global network united by a passion for music and a desire to create culture from waste. “The message of this experiment touched me because of the empowering effect a group can have on individuals and communities through their innovative and creative use of discarded objects.” Vanessa

Self Initiated Young at Heart

My Young at Heart project explores and expands on how design can overcome and improve the social issue surrounding isolation and loneliness in the older generation. My aim is to use design to enhance and normalise how generations can communicate and interact. I plan to explore and challenge methods of design interaction through artefacts, technology, and events for an intergenerational outcome.

Ageism is Discrimination

I explored ageism as a way of understanding isolation and loneliness within the elder demographic. It was important to gain personal views from the older users and compare them to how younger generations reflect on the stigmas, in addition to current statistics. Throughout the research process I received a tide of inspirational views, that reflected a motivational mindset, these inspired me to push boundaries.

Information to Insight

This research method was most appropriate to gain a span of insights. From not only what the user answers but the manner in which they articulate the tasks. I used the cultural probe as a communication method; daily tasks to gain insights on users’ routines, activities, and what sparks interest. Using a variety of artefacts as methods of communication allowed user to express themselves in different manners, enhancing intrigue and exploring methods.

Stay Connected

With covid19 circumstances, I have continued methods of communication. Exploring how generations of people can not only communicate but interact when mobility and personal interactions are comprimised. Ranging from personal, to physical to mental activities and methods, these ongiong probes have opened my projects value into how we can continue and adpat the manners of interacting with older generations.

Intergenerational Connections

My aim is to expand the mindset and manners in how we interact with older generations. Integrating generations will prevent loneliness and isolation among elderly. Using both physical artefacts and tech to create a physical and meaningful intergenerational relationship through impact of experimental design. The impact of these respected, reciprocal relationships spreads awareness, value and positively adapt an intergenerational attitude of communications.