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Scotlands Not So Secret Places

This is a short documentary I created about a well-known visually pleasing and picturesque site called Finnich Glen, otherwise known as The Devil's Pulpit. Located in the beautiful and scenic town of Stirling, The Devil's Pulpit is a popular site which is visited frequently by locals and those travelling far and wide. I wanted to create this documentary to not only highlight the beauty of the land, but to introduce some stories and background that is woven into the water and rocks that lay home to it. I really enjoyed creating this documentary as it was my first try at camera work and using Final Cut Pro X which were both new skills for me to learn. Some advice if you're going to visit - be careful!

Scotlands Not So Secret Places

An image taken at the bottom of the rocky and dangerous steps that lead down to the heart of The Devil's Pulpit.

The Seasons

This is a binaural soundscape I created to show the different sounds that relate to the four seasons that take place throughout the year. The transition between the small sound pieces is smooth and allows the listener to feel at ease without any harsh sounds taking over the whole soundscape. I enjoyed creating this piece as I have a huge interest in how sound can trigger different emotions and I think that dynamics in this piece allows the listener to have a multitude of different reactions. Not everyone has the same feelings about the different seasons, so I tried to make it as generalised as possible without the listener becoming disinterested. This is an easy listening soundscape for any mood that you're in and is best listened to through headphones.

Experimental, Situational, Phenomenal

This is a short documentary that was created by myself and my classmate Lucius about the Light and Space Art Movement. This was in interesting yet difficult documentary to create as there was little to no archived footage which meant it had to consist mostly of stills. However, we had some help from artists who we got in touch with such as Olafur Eliasson and an independent light show team called Squidsoup who allowed us to use some of their images and videos which was very kind of them. All of this teamed up with the relaxing soundtrack created by Lucius and an illustrative and informative voice over created by myself allowed us to produce this piece that we are both proud of. The most interesting part about creating this documentary was strangely all of the research. It was amazing to explore an art movement that neither myself or Lucius were familiar with and we enjoyed the plethora of unique art work that we found. Most of the pieces that we found impactful were added to the documentary, but sadly there were just too many to include them all.

Great Animal Orchestra by the United Visual Artists used in Experimental, Situational, Phenomenal.

This is an image by the United Visual Artists that was used in our film. used in Experimental, Situational, Phenomenal. All copyright goes to original artist.

A Day in the Life

PSA: This soundscape may be triggering as it includes anxiety-related themes. If you at any point feel distressed or uncomfortable whilst listening please turn it off. This is an acousmatic soundscape that I created to show A Day in the Life of someone who suffers with anxiety. This is the first piece of work I created when I started my time at the GSA and although it's not perfect it turned out the way that I wanted it to and I enjoy it. I tried to pull sounds from every day life that I, myself find triggers my own anxiety in the hopes that it would have the same effect for others. I do not wish to make anyone feel uncomfortable with this, but would rather it was used as a method to educate those who do not understand what it's like to feel like this almost every day. I enjoyed creating this as it felt like an outlet for me and it also allowed me to enhance my interest of sound design and emotions.

VO Showreel '19/20

This is my Voice Over Showreel that was created by myself and my lecturer Paul Wilson. I found a real passion for Voice Acting during my time at GSA and it has allowed me to work with professionals outside of university that enjoy my work. It's also a nice escape to create some voice overs and spend some time doing some simple editing with them. I really enjoyed making this showreel to showcase my different accents and styles and hope it leads to more work in the future! Please note all copyright belongs to the original advertisement.

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