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The City

An anthropocentric view of Antwerp

The Intention

The remnants of industry and and ideas for re-use

The Site

Understanding the sites context, existing infrastructure and history

The Masterplan

Designing around four main contaminants: mineral oil, poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and benzene. This is also while setting out public and private clusters of buildings throughout the existing infrastructure.

The Mycological process

Outlining the principles of mycoremediation and carbon store through the use of mycelium and phytoremediative planting.


Utilising specific biological structures of mycelium in order to design facade panels.

1:20 Sectional Model

Exploring the impact of the facade on internal spaces.

Mycelium as a Texture

Exploring the use of mycelium patterns as a relief texture for internal plaster panels.


Exploring how the spaces can open up and close down to invite people to the site

Site Narrative

Exploring the proposed narrative of the public experience of space