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John Berger's Ways of Seeing – Voyeurism

By understanding sex and shifting the perspective of the woman’s role in society, this can help lower the rates of sexual assault, voyeurism and misogynistic tendencies.

ohn Berger’s Ways of Seeing – Sensuality

Using 3D Modelling & Storyboarding to express the effects of various problems faced by voyeurism in society

OOH+ Sexuality Education

A non-profit organisation that delivers sex education that actually benefits, counsels & provides assistance to the young people of our society. Singapore’s sex education curriculum is not equipped to address and educate our young people, which makes them vulnerable.

OOH+ Sexuality Education

As teenagers are becoming more tech-savvy, they are exposed to unfiltered sex content which poses a high risk of early sexual relations and abuse of pornography.

Trailing Type

Using pen & ink calligraphy to explore typography over human body forms


Delirium – an acute mental disturbance characterized by confused thinking and disrupted attention usually accompanied by disordered speech and hallucinations. An exploration of mental illnesses and expression of emotions with no words, just effects, mood, lighting & other techniques with music.

Something Different

A poster depicting my experience in Glasgow for my immersion trip. I constantly seek that same feeling I had a taste of in my present life.