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MM:000, Etched White Metal Necklace

Large draping necklace. Etched, press formed and attached using 3 different types of connections.

Commissions Available.

MM:001, Etched copper necklace

This etched and press formed copper piece can transfer into various forms of adornment. A necklace has been depicted within this image, however, is open to interpretation.

MM:002, Sketchbook

This sketchbook development page details samples and patterns.

MM:003, Metal components for adornment

These images detail various compositions of body adornment.

MM:004, Sketches

Sketches produced to show potential compositions that can be transferred to metal.

MM:005, Paper and metal castings

Paper development translating into bronze and precious white metal castings.

MM:006, Bronze and precious white metal necklace

This illustration translates castings into adornment. The individual hand-made casts are connected by "d" shaped chain, allowing the pieces to fall comfortably down/around the body.

MM:007, Etched precious white metal earrings

Precious white metal etched and press formed earrings

MM:008, Etched precious white metal components

Precious white metal components for adornment

MM:009, Precious mixed metal necklace

Precious metal components creating a large necklace to flow around the body

MM:010, Earrings

Digital illustrations detailing various earring designs (front and back)

MM: 011, Etched White Metal Necklace

White metal etched with pattern and press formed, together using 3 different types of connections.

MM:012, Etched White Metal Necklace

Large draping necklace.