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Killiney Rebranding

The new design features a more minimalistic and modern ziplock packaging, made of kraft material. The raw and unpolished line drawing against the kraft packaging creates a world where old meets new, when traditions meet modernity.

Killiney Rebranding

The back of the packaging features a summarised history of Killiney for easy reading, and the recipe for each respective dish. A QR code will be provided on every packaging that links to a video tutorial which will help guide customers who are new to cooking or unfamiliar with the recipe. Millennials who have settled down and are unfamiliar with cooking are the main audience for this QR code feature.

Killiney Rebranding

An app for Killiney would help build a closer relationship between the brand and every customer.It serves as a touchpoint for Killiney to personalise each experience for every customer. It can also create a more seamless and fuss-free experience when ordering food through the app.

Rewiring Brown Nosers Everywhere

Brown-nosing. A common sight in working culture. The term originated from early 20th century, from an association of subservience with having one’s nose in the anus of a more powerful person. Creating a virus to deter brown-nosers from the flattery phenomenonwould benefit the workplace, employees and eventually, the world. But what would actually deter brown-nosers from what they do best? A series of uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms would suffice to help brown-nosers kick the habit. Drawing inspiration from its roots, I decided to invent a virus based off a literal translation of the term’s origin . Xianophoic Suayalitis Virus, or Xia Suay, is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system - mainly nose, throat and lungs, causing fecal matter to form on the inner walls of the windpipe and mouth. For most, it resolves on its own, provided the patients, for a period of 5 working days, avoid any form of brown nosing however, it comes with an increased tendency to insult work superiors. The treatment for the virus is Brown’s Kit for Brown Nosers. A specially formulated office wellness kit used to treat the Xia Suay Virus, found in brown nosers. The kit consists of a set of antibiotics, medicated tissues, dental care set, aromatherapy and notepads specially designed to help brown nosers fight the nasty symptoms of the virus.

blur magazine

The supernatural world has always intrigued millions around the world. The unknown and the possibility of a co-existing dimension on Earth have been a part of humanity’s story since the beginning. The history of the supernatural can be linked back to ancient Greece. Earlier accounts of the supernatural appeared in Mesopotamian records. Life after death and supernatural beings has always been a controversial topic which left many todebate on the possibility of it. Some say it’s a myth, while others believe in its existence. But one thing is for sure, is that these tales of the paranormal and supernatural reveal a truth about humanity. Ghosts and spirits are no strangers to Asia. In Asia, the culture of the living dead is ingrained in our society. From the Chinese folklore to the spine-chilling entities of Japan, these tales resonate and roots the belief in our community. We grew up listening to stories about the afterlife on Earth, some even experiencing them firsthand. blur provides a different perspective on these paranormal beings and their tales that strike fear and terror in us.