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Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody is a short film follows a lonely phantom who lives in a deserted city. Consumed by loneliness and desire to connect he spends his days collecting ‘friends’. His quiet days soon changed when an unfamiliar sound resonates through the city.

Mr Nobody Still

A screen capture from the film, when Mr. Nobody was distracted while looking for a ‘friend’.

Mr Nobody Environment Paintings

The environment in the film was painted in watercolour. Using grey tones express how the Phantoms view life, devoid of anything, dreary.

Mr Nobody Development

These are some development sketches for the film.The phantom’s walk pattern is not expressive, hearkening back to how his character view his life; a lack of excitement, mundane and repetitive.

Mr Nobody Storyboard

Storyboards for the film.

The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love is a spin on an old story by Oscar Wilde. It speaks of the woes of love and the idea that everyone has a different perception of love, shining a light inside us and causing us to ask if we truly know what love is.

The Cost of Love Key Image

One of the key images of the story, it symbolizes how sacrifice can lead to another’s happiness, but is it worth it?

The Cost of Love Storyboard

The final storyboard for the storybook.

Booker Book Jacket

“What these three stories have a common?” was the challenge this brief presented. Underlying in all three narratives is a recurring theme that ties these narratives together; Deterioration. Each story tells a different tale about the deterioration of a certain aspect; Sense of Self, Memory and Acceptance

Booker Book Jacket Original Paintings

The original artwork for each cover.