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Surreal, a world which is 300 years ahead of time. A world filled with colors and shapes. No language is needed in the future. It will come by in a form of imagery. An imagery of shapes and colors. “ It’s the visual manifestation of thoughts. ” Communication are based on the projected thoughts of symbols, shapes and colors. Thoughts are being projected as a visual form, allowing them communicate with each other through visual language.


This mystical world brings wonders of joy to me. The place is also known as a happy place. No language was needed but instead, they use visuals to transmit their thoughts. It is a visual communication. They live in a world full of imagery.


Tranquillity, a state of being calm. It is one of the six key values in the Surreal World.

Lanj Magazine

The name Lanj sparks a curiosity through a question or discussion. Lanj comes from the word “lanjiao” in Hokkien, which means cock. It portrays about the perception on how people perceive things differently. Some may agree while some may not. In this edition, we discussed the topics on stalkers. We are all stalkers behind our phones. Some may call it watching, some may say that they are just curious, but they fail to understand that it’s the same traits as a normal stalker. Lanj. or not?

Lanj spreads

So now let me ask. Are you a stalker? No? Then answer this. Do you go out with someone without knowing who they were? Have you asked for someone’s name then search them up on FB? Have you ever double tap on someone’s Instagram that was posted 52 weeks ago? Have you ever known about someone even before talking? to them before? Then, you are a stalker too yourself...

Mask Off Fest

Mask Off Fest 2020 is a festival that aims to build a community, to gather people and bring people with common interest together. It is organized by The Offbeats. Offbeats is a subculture that aims to build a community and a relationship which is sustainable in the future through a purpose and giving one a sense of belonging in the community.

Festival Collaterals

Taste is subjective and not everyone will be pleased. However, a festival fits the current era. It’s a platform for people to come as one and create a new set of memories together. Festival is a platform that successfully captures Generation Z’s attention. Thus, this creates an opportunity for one to have a sense of identity and gain experience they never had before.

Drop The Label

“Human relation is not some social media ideology of communication.” It’s the understanding of the human idea. To give compassion and tolerance towards each other. Human forget themselves when they have status. What if we take that status out? Can we be pure human? Take the label out of them. Drop the label. When it comes to face. Drop the label. When it comes to race. Unite the difference.


Best - Test. An Analog printing using letterpress and mono prints techniques which is then being digitalize for its ultimate results.


Exploring handcrafted mono prints. Analog printing techniques is something that I have always been passionate about. Here, I explored various techniques to achieve a glitch effects. I am amazed on the glitch and swirl shapes. Its raw looking textures gave me a of sense satisfaction toward both analog and digital printing. It’s something that could not be achieved solely base on digital.