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Sing it on a Friday (2020)

Video excerpts from the exhibition view of the six-channel sound installation "Sing it on a Friday" (2020). For this collaborative piece, Emma Brown and Lisa Fabian joined the Platform Singers community choir for several months. By closely working with the group as both participants and observers, this process attempted to prioritise and give value to the creativity and autonomy of the group. The soundscape consists of an assembly of fragments, recorded over the course of three months, which are played in and out of synchronicity, on six different channels. It is an auditory portrait of the Platform Singers. Aiming to reflect back our experience of being part of the group and an artefact of the ephemeral moments of the much-treasured rehearsal space.

NORDSJÖ (2020)

The soundscape “NORDSJÖ” (2020) is an assembly of sounds mainly recorded from ice expanding and contracting on a lake next to my family house in Sweden. These recordings are mixed with NASA space recordings that are made by translating electromagnetic waves into sound waves. Growing up I was both intimidated and intrigued by the otherworldly sounds the lake would produce. I remember breath-taking night skies endlessly filled with stars, accompanied by the sound of a lake singing on clear cold winter nights, timelessly linked frozen water and space in memory.

Extra (2019)

Digital video with sound, continuously looped, 12:09 minutes, part of the installation "EXTRA" (2019). “The audio operates independently from the blue tinted visual framing - a filmed Glasgow street scene shot from above. Lisa Fabian, the artist, who seems to be carrying a portable recorder on her, is the carrier of the Acousmaton – the sound that we hear contrasts the film that we see. We hear the artist moving with the recorder, from indoor spaces – where it is assumed that the camera is located – moving into what is identified as a reverberating stair-well and then exiting onto the streets performing a series of menial tasks...“ - Description of an encounter with “Extra“ (2019) by Matthieu Robin

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