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Self initiated Project-Modern Meanings

Modern meanings is a research project that involves analysing forms of understanding and personal meaning through online platforms and develop a new experience that enhances the sense of collectivity and oneness. It conceptualises a platform for people who are on a path of self discovery online, aimed at connecting people within local communities who are also in search for meaning and wish to engage in productive meaningful conversations. There is a growing desire to seek new truths on the internet, and many generations are being brought up with this being a key factor in the development of their personal identity. However it is clear that with this, is the importance to provide guidance and community relationships to ensure they are not alienated from their physical community, a feature in society that is crucial to maintain. This is a video highlighting my focus in the project, various “internet evangelists” who grew very popular in the recent decade became a point of inspiration. To try understand what people seek when they watch these videos.

Researching Spirituality and personal meanings around a spectrum of individuals, I identified different mechanisms, phrases and objects that often are associated with the spiritual, allowing me to define its characteristics.

Self Initiated Project: Modern Meanings

Exploring spirituality in western society (Glasgow) through its systems, culture, Experimental influences and the Environment, as well as assessing my bias on the topic.

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