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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT


Located in the Hidden Gardens in the Tramway. A place of rest. Inosculation in relation to the human body through movement, and embodied material handling . Sitting on this bench will allow you to become a part of the nature we inhabit. An exploration of our relationship and connection to natural growth crafted using recycled, sustainably sourced Elm Wood.


Exhibited in Civic House, Glasgow An image from a movement workshop I led working with The Hidden Gardens Mens group. A space for free thought, creativity and putting accessibility for all at the forefront of the activities. I wanted  to work with this group to create a homage to its overwhelming sense of community amongst a group of people that together create a place of belonging. My workshop explored the importance of such shared spaces, conversation and mindfulness. Working with this group I was able to explore closeness, tension, the power of human interaction and escapism through movement. To explore this the men were asked to use their hands and bodies to mimic the inosculation seen in the gardens, leading to conversations based on touch, confidence and exchange of thoughts from the experience.  During this current time living through a global pandemic with restrictions and bans of this sort of interaction this work creates a platform for appreciating importance for connecting with others through physical contact as well as shared inhabitation.This restriction has created a platform to further explore how my work, as well as how we view such important exchanges of touch, conversation and sharing will change as we go forward unknowingly into the future.

Mapping a space

Exhibited in Civic House, Glasgow. This work acts as a model of the time spent with the Mens Group at The Hidden Gardens. The use of shadow explores the idea of story telling to create a sense of togetherness, contrasting with the solid concrete ground the figures stand on. This work acts as research into the different elements revealed through my shared time with the group.

Body Landscape

Performed in The Barnes Building, Garage Exhibition Space, Glasgow. Images from a group performative workshop I led. In this workshop participants use their bodies to mimic and narrate experienced landscapes through collaborative decisions on movements, discussions and formations of quick tableaux. This allowing for reflection on how we relate to our surroundings and our placement of body between one another.


Performed in Milport, Scotland. A further exploration of using the body to narrate a space, this project explores further the body in relation to natural elements through recreating natural forms specific to this site.

Evanescent Inhabitation

Exhibited in Southbank, Melbourne, Australia. This work is an exploration of my time living away from Glasgow in Melbourne. Living in a new place I wanted to explore how I inhabit unknown spaces through habitual behaviour when trying to navigate a new way of life. I created sculptural configurations as a way of articulating my surroundings. These were derived from natural forms and spaces I found myself drawn to as surroundings became familiar and a sense of placement was revealed.

Nest Web

Exhibited in Southbank Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. This work explores structures and mechanisms of support, based on process of making. This was created through welding and a process of hand weaving found wire. This piece explores natural occurring support structures found in nature as well as embodied material handling to mimic processes seen in nesting and creation of habitats. The tension and contrast of one shell form holding the other in suspense exhibits this support between two forms relying on each other.

Spaces Between

Exhibited at The Studio Pavilion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. In this project I wanted to explore how I could reveal hidden forms found in spaces I pass through as a way of giving these spaces narrative. These sculptural forms come from lines pulled out from the images seen hung in the space of branches in the trees. I created sculptural forms to expose them in their own right through scale and material.