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BFK Rebrand

The Hungarian KKBK Inc. (Centre for Major Governmental Insverstments) rebranded itself to be the Budapest Innovation Centre (BFK). The corporation handles urban planning, real estate and sports planning related tasks in the capital. With the new name came a brand new logo and identity. This work is a proposed idea for the rebrand tender.

Perfect Citizen

'Perfect Citizen' is a satirical work, addressing the idea of a social credit system. In today’s society information is the primary currency. Our every move is digitised and converted into data. The rise of social media only served to significantly accelerate these trends. Centralised digital platforms enable easier tracking, where 'gamification' builds into surveillance. The idea of a social credit system fosters a public opinion environment, leading to a loss of agency and public shaming. In this project I explore different scenarios. I look at whether this phenomenon potentiates a culture of honesty and safety, or a society of deceit through representation and conformity. What happens to the maverick?