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Love Letter to Chinese Cinema

Love Letter To Chinese Cinema is a project that explores the overlap between today’s Chinese youth, and their relationship with Chinese Cinema. How to Judge a Chinese Film by it’s Chinese-ness is an ironic and satirical kit, where warped and often Eurocentric perception of Asian cinema manifests itself into a tangible product. This kit uses hypocrisy as a visual language to question contradiction and double standards in the way that movies are now perceived.

Banana is local street description for Asians who have chosen to abandon or neglect their cultural identity in favour of a western one – yellow on the outside & white on the inside. Pinkerton syndrome.

Western vs Asian comparison – the notion of “worth” is often brought up when discussing Asian films, whether it is “worth” the watch, time and money. An endless handout of excuses.

Civi Type: The Man, The Skies, The Earth

A writing system born out of a dystopian future in 2064 that eerily mirrors the (future) present; war, environmental decline and viruses. Where mother tongues are forgotten, this system is used to indoctrinate and communicate — its purpose entirely functional and devoid of emotion. A writing system produced from analog and digital mediums, its form is derived from the functionality of Chinese logography and carries the characteristics of blackletter.

The system's handbook, bound in tradition Chinese bookbinding to echo its influence.

The four core functions of the writing system, conveyed purely through visuals. It lacks phonics & no symbol represents feelings nor inquiry. The cold, robotic nature reflects in its stiff and angular form.