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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

parkland framing the market hall

A final render/visual showcasing the tim-ber frame market hall in the backdrop of the park.

market hall visuals

Visuals/renders highlighting the market hall in context with the landscape and the feel & look within it.


Maps and plans showing the location of my thesis project.

new den dam masterplan

A drawing presenting my new master-plan for the Den Dam area of Antwerp

abstract mapping collage

a Piet Mondrian inspired collage high-lighting the connections and infrastruc-ture happening all around Den Dam ar-ea.


A visual diagram showing the obstales that the site has to address.

status quo – the issue

Diagram displaying the current circumstances in the area and highlighting the ambition of my thesis for the neighbourhood.

masterplan strategy

An outline strategy for Den Dam.

testing | models | experimentation

A series of various masterplans for the area tested in model form.


Further visuals highlighting the various buildings and parklands within my thesis design.