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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
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The transition of light to this sacred corridor

The light guides us and sets the mood. “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” By Le Corbusier.

At a state-of-mind

The lighting goes seamlessly through our journey. At the start, the lights define the familiarity between us and the object that represents the dead.

The movement of bricks

The attention of the loose bricks starts to reunite as we walk further into the corridor, creating a wall of memories.

The transition back to reality

At the end of the journey. The brick wall starts to lose its tension and fades off to the lights, that transits us back to reality and daily routine.

Roof Terrace of Chong Pang Community Club

Located away from the crowd and noise of the community club, the unused roof terrace creates the opportunity to take us away from our hectic and stressful lives to peace and relaxation. Natural-like and flowing water feature helps to set the mood of this space.

Pods for 2

Pods for two is where personal information are keep safe, with the adjustable soundproof curtains the amount of privacy can be controlled. The fabric paper on the outsides blurs our identity to make us feel comfortable and confident.

Pods for 5

Pods for five is where a small group can exchange ideas and remarks. This idea was inspired by the Japanese seating culture. In this case, we are submerging ourselves, making us feel like we are diving into our journey of overcoming our loss.

Pods for 9

Pods for nine is the maximum amount of people that a counsellor can handle on the topic of grief. The gap between the ceiling and the pod allows us to look out to the sky and view the movements of the clouds as we overcome our thoughts.