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Shared Visions

Grog ink with airbrush


A selection of collages made of airbrush drawings, photographed screen print/sculpture and digital art, with quotes from people talking about eating the poisonous red berries of the yew tree.

Glow Cloak

3M reflective screen print on fabric. Barefoot on the pine needles, under the cover of darkness.

Glow Veil

3M reflective screen print on fabric, hung on a yew tree

Night and Day

3M reflective print, on digital print. A work in progress, had to vacate the studios before I developed this piece, but I wanted to test hang it in the woods regardless.

Day and Night

3M reflective screen print on fabric. Another piece in development, I want to return to this idea but make the screen print interact more with the digital designs beneath it. Hung between 2 yew trees.


Gif made with screenprint and digital collage.