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Initial Imagery

Photography obtained from a research trip to the Isle of Staffa for the project’s primary inspiration.

Abstract Drawings

Ink and stick hand-drawn observations of the basalt columns. Focusing on the textures, layering and direction of line.

Initial Sampling

Initial sampling inspired by ink compositions. High contrast designs directly influenced by the vertical layering of the columns, alongside the hexagonal tops.

Padded Samples

Exploring a range of woven technical structures to achieve a padded, 3D finish ideal for upholstery.

Colour Research

Sketchbook pages exploring colour interaction inspired by Josef Albers.


Technical samples woven using a range of techniques including Digital Jacquard.

Naturally Pleated Fabrics

Competition entry showcasing naturally pleating samples inspired by the basalt columns. Both the basalt and the fabrics formed into 3D structures through their interaction with water.

Brushed Mohair Fabrics

Competition entry focusing on the soft mid-weight drape of the brushed mohair samples.

Virtual Visualisation Flipbook

Created with the intention of visualising samples produced throughout the year, as full-size fabrics in their intended contexts. Link in bio.

Collaborative Project

Producing final commercial products for the three bedrooms at Bed and Breakfast View At 142, Mumbles, Swansea.