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Future Experiences Project - 'Constitution Cloth'

The Constitution Cloth focuses on a positive sustainable future for the Samburu tribe in Kenya. The final outcome is based on a collaborative event that encourages conversations around rights, values and diversity. The co-creation allows both community members and external designers from an NGO to experience the form of collective intelligence that helps to share each individual’s skills with one another.

The constitution is known as the supreme law of the Republic of Kenya and there is only very little knowledge about it in the indigenous communities of Kenya. What if we educate citizens by humanising terminology that also adapts to their own needs locally?  The Constitution Cloth artefact focuses on the ability of design to communicate beyond the words. It provides a fair representation of each community with a clear ‘formula’ of sharing the power and resources via constitutional arrangements.

Ethic conflicts in Kenya mainly stems from land inequality and regional imbalance. In this project I focused on envisioning the successful tribalism future. By recreating the current map between indigenous communities and government in Kenya, in comparison I established a credible future vision where structure of politics is focused on achievement of unity and diversity.

The group work phase resulted in a speculative future-word role that provided a foundation for the individual part of my project. The Community Ambassador role focuses on the importance of communication in maintaining strong communities. Following the experts input sessions I was able derive the main insights that drove me to tackle the complex topic of human rights in Global South.

As a part of a culturally aware project, I found it crucial to explore various opportunities of the materials use. This helped me to identify the most practical application for the Constitution Cloth artefact. In this case, I experimented with a range of organic materials that best represent the local Samburu tribe.

To communicate the value and the impact of the outcome, I created a 2D user journey of the system. It represents the experience of creating the story through co-creation. Each person’s voice within the Samburu tribe is being discussed and transferred to the Constitution Cloth as a statement. The locally made garment is worn by the Community Ambassador to represent their tribe during the gatherings with other tribal leaders as well as further international information gathering sessions.

Self-Initiated Project - 'Glasgow Canals Sustainable Stories'

My self-initiated project explores the relationships between people and nature, helping to bring both on the same level. I created the 3D landscape using both artificial and local organic materials found during the fieldwork. The model helps to envision a positive future for Glasgow Canal citizens living on the boat. These innovations identify the citizens’ relationship with environment as well as offer potential health and social benefits.

What is it like to live in a sustainably developed neighbourhood in the near future? The aim of my project was to transform the local economy of Glasgow Canal neighbourhood along sustainable lines. It helps introduce people to circular economy by resulting in dynamic outcomes.

In order to develop design opportunities I used the visual sense making method to generate the material from primary and secondary research. The main insight has drove me to explore the hidden properties of nature with the use of technology, in order to reconnect with environment.

Desk and field research has led me to multiple design opportunities such as, sustainable urban infrastructure, renewable local materials or shared experiences through local resources. Such opportunities focus on a key moment - enabling mutual experience through the focus on sustaining the environment of Glasgow Canals.