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contempations [with a drink]

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Contemplations [with a drink]

Contemplation [with a drink] considers the perplexity that ensues from having a multi-ethnic and multi-nationalistic background. The figures are references to famous paintings created by male artists from the U.S.A., South Korea and Japan: Drowning Girl: Roy Lichtenstein, Portrait of a Beauty: Sin Yunbok and A Woman Applying Make-up: Goyo Hashiguchi. The implementation of UV ink reveals the rumination of the woman portrayed, in turn criticizing the voyeuristic nature in which females have been traditionally depicted. Each painting has a bottle of alcohol and clothing that is native to the country it represents. Additionally, the frames have been engraved with the national flower from each country: U.S.A: rose, Korea: hibiscus syriacus, Japan: cherry blossom.

commodification of happiness / fallacy perpetuated by a capitalistic society

Subliminal Messages in Art and Artifacts Found in Traditional Museums

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