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'Notice' (2020)

Three different brown road signs installed in three sites: Scott Street, Civic Street, and Spiers Wharf. The brown road signs, which in Scotland highlight places of cultural or historic significance, indicate the viewers distance to three infamous sites in Scotland, all within a 70-mile radius of Stow College.

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'£36.95' (2018)

A space blanket offers basic thermal insulation for those suffering from hypothermia and £36.95 is deemed the absolute minimum for financial survival for Asylum Seekers in the harsh realities of UK economy. I wanted to juxtapose these ideas to create work that highlighted this inequality. The inflated structure is made from £36.95 worth of space blankets and insulating tape.

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How Do You Sleep At Night, Mrs May?

'It's All Carpet and Wallpaper Shops Now' (2017)

In response to the gentrification of Glasgow’s East End, ‘It’s All Wallpaper and Carpet Shops Now’, used materials, household paint, wallpaper, vinyl tiles, bought in the local area and installed on the external walls, to highlight the loss of social housing in Glasgow.

Alter Ego- Collaboration with Artists at Project Ability' (2020)

Working collaboratively with the artists at Project Ability we explored ideas of individuality through experimention with textiles, jewellery, ceramics and performance to become our 'alter egos', allowing us to be more confident version of ourselves.