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Concept collage of design thesis: ‘Act Natural’

Principles of nature have been followed throughout the design process. Situated in the university campus, the thesis proposal uses the design of an Innovation Research Centre for Biomimicry to provide opportunity for the following: To create more opportunities for biomimetic design which accommodates a cross-culture of disciplines which all take inspiration from the natural world to solve contemporary problems. To bring nature back into the city and increase biodiversity. To create soft touch and sympathetic architecture. To explore natural and organic forms in the design.

Green Space Analysis

With 15m² of public greenery per inhabitant and only 14% of the ground surface being soft urban landscape, Antwerp’s medieval centre has the lowest percentage of green area.

Urban Strategy

The proposed Innovation Centre for biomimicry is connected with The Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp located at the zoo and botanic garden. Green corridors have been introduced for nature highways, linking up existing green areas in the city.

Site Analysis

Study of existing species found on site and target species to be reintroduced.

Key plans


Cross Section

From left to right, the section describes the two storey accommodation block, three storey research and design facility, shared atrium café, below ground lecture theatre, prototyping hall and workshop facility.



View through the building


Workshop and prototyping space


Close up elevation and section

Notwithstanding the decision to design out artificial strategies through material specification, structural design, environmental design and services, the buildings naturalness becomes most apparent in the greening of the external envelope.

Axonometric of design proposal