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IN YOUR FACE is an installation work that aims to send a message to individuals who are carelessly and thoughtlessly using plastic. It seeks to question old habits and hopefully get everyone to do their part in reducing plastic use. In order for us to fix the problem, we have to acknowledge that we are not doing enough and we have to amp up our efforts. Start saying no to excessive plastic use, especially when we shop.


Excessive plastic use is a global problem that has plagued the modern world for a few decades now. While media coverage on this issue is at an all time high, changing mindsets still proves to be a challenge, especially when certain societies are so deep-set in their ways. To create ONE identity and to bring all organisations to work together to create a nation-wide campaign to tackle plastic problems in Singapore. To bring about a collective realisation among Singaporeans on the severity of our plastic use. It is our responsibility to take charge of plastic matters. We have to keep reminding ourselves to ‘DON’T ASK’ for plastic bags.


In year 2219, A man-made Virus was released to the atmosphere through heavy industrialisations. M.O.B virus confined exclusively or largely to biomes, however, posed the formidable problem of finding a susceptible human infection and cause death. For-Profit company ODD GENESIS has monopoly over food sources. Ferro Subsistence cure, provides all seven nutrients on a daily basis to help build our bodies and maintain health.


Reveals some very good insights into what a chair can represent - how it can be a metaphor for aspects of being human or for states of the human condition. To highlight our basic need to give and receive compassion in all its various forms and to create a centerpiece which communicates the idea of compassion and evoke a response and reflection of our basic aspects as a human being.