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Tacc Outcome

Future Experiences looked at sustainable work practice and the changing relationship between the Global North and Global South. The theme given to my group was Environment. My individual project resulted in tacc, a service that analyses user’s unique circumstances and provides personalised plans demonstrating steps they can take to live a sustainable life. The service provides clear goals and visual data outlining how small sustainable acts add up. Tacc also connects users to like-minded people so they can share their experiences. The result is a global community attempting to live sustainably and create impactful change that will benefit future generations.

Tacc Context

Within the Environment group we imagined a future where cities would be surrounded by the ‘Sustainable belt’. This would be an area dedicated to functioning as sustainably as possible, working in symbiosis with human and nature. From this scenario I envisioned an unintended consequence, where the forgotten few who are unable to uproot their lives to live more sustainably are inevitably left behind. Tacc is there for those who are left behind.

Tacc Insight

No amount of desk research compared to the invaluable insights gifted to us by the visiting experts. With such a range of experts in different fields each with their own wealth of experiences, it was easy to fill a notepad after only one day's session.

Tacc Development

The tacctile and ever evolving tacc logo represent a fingerprint of the environment at that moment in time. In the year 2030 the tacctile and accompanying tacc logo reflect the global dependence on industrial means and the man-made world of the 20th century. The logo visually mirrors a grid-iron street pattern and unbalance wealth of resources. Our goal is to achieve evenly distributed harmony and balance by the year 2050.

Tacc Impact

Tacc is focused on helping people to live more sustainably by encouraging small behavioural changes in everyday life. It targets people who have a desire to be more sustainable but feel daunted by what might be required. Tacc creates a network that helps users realise they are part of a greater whole and that their combined efforts can make a big difference.


SPACEBUDS logo is a Rocket, a universal symbol of exploration, pushing the boundaries and limits of discovery. Here at SPACEBUDS we believe food restrictions are a boundary that can be pushed past and explored within a controlled and safe environment. When you see our trusted Rocket you can be reassured, knowing that the establishments we support care about you and your food restrictions.


Often people with food allergies will create a ‘safe food’ barrier around themselves based on what they think their allergy restricts them to. In turn they end up avoiding everything which hasn’t been previously experienced before this protective barrier was fully formed. In rare occurrences when people with food allergies decide to go somewhere new, not yet trusted, they can experience a panic attack based on worry and uncertainty. Panic attacks can easily be confused as an allergic reaction which causes more panic making the situation worse, creating a new trauma that will shape their experience negatively.


Avoidance is the only solution; this should not be the case. From a young age people with food allergies are taught avoidance, this is to be vigilant, cautious and completely avoid situations that might trigger a reaction. This is done by instilling anxiety into newly diagnosed people, manly children, as a coping mechanism often referred to as the goldilocks principle, which is the, just right amount of anxiety. However, this often results in the unintended consequence of developing increased levels of anxiety. As well, contributing to developing other side effects such as increased levels of stress, OCD, paranoia, social isolation.


This video is narrated by Callum, who suffers multiple severe food allergies. Throughout the development process of SPACEBUDS I worked closely with food allergy sufferers to gain the insight into exactly what challenges are faced daily. This video captures the result of this user-centered design approach and highlights the positive impact SPACEBUDS would have. Too often people with food allergies miss out on social gatherings as they feel it be safer avoiding restaurants chosen by a group, as well as not wanting to feel like a burden by asking to go elsewhere. SPACEBUDS is here to change this for good.