Next event:
ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT


Tonight I write the saddest lines, tonight I reflect upon my grasp of sighs. In Pablo Neruda's poem, he writes of great loss and desire, when his lover is no longer around him. With this prompt, we set out to produce paintings to translate his words to be seen. I chose to show the palm as when we truly lose someone, holding onto them is a form of affirmative action. The background eventually fades to black, when we realise reality isn't what we want.


As part of his personal description, he is one who engages very much in the virtual realm of things. All Dressed Up challenges us to frame the model, in accordance to how they say they are like. We are left to interpret their depiction, and to direct the photoshoot, taking control on how they are to look like. I let his mobile be the main source of lighting, while he uses it, supposedly to create the shadow in the background. This outline therefore creates an illusion of a higher being, looking over the model, seemingly taking control of his behaviour.


With a simple mirror, we observe an alternative perspective. While looking down, we can still see the ceiling; Something brighter, something unexpected. Illusions are visuals where we perceive something to be there, but not really. Perhaps in our concrete ground, we can discover a hole in the sky.


Playing around with shadows, I cast her portrait onto my wall. This project tasked us to reproduce a portrait in 50 different methods, be it replicating or even manipulating it. I accidentally discovered the use of negative space in this method, and placed the stencil against a light source. The presence of the streetwear brand plastic bag, Supreme, positions itself in her eyes, possibly symbolizing how capitalism is all that we see today.