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Threshold focuses on Westernization in Japan and it’s impact which lasts even ‘till today. Since this is the first issue, the main article is about life in post-WWII Japan. After Japan’s surrender to the United States and its allies at the end of World War II, the Western influence took a great turn on Japanese culture, incorporated even during the rebuilding of the nuclear-levelled nation. Now, Japan is notably among the most Westernized countries in Asia. However, in contrast, despite many advances in industrial efficiency, Japan has managed to sustain a culture of strict social hierarchy and limited individualization. With heavy western influence, particularly that of the USA, Japanese life in almost all areas have evolved to what they feel suit them personally. Therein lies the root of many subcultures particularly in art, popular culture and music movements with the Japanese nation. These subcultures are heavily western-inspired yet show a significant difference on how they are practice in the Western world.

Revival of Thieves Market

With the rapid industrialization of Singapore, iconic places with historical backgrounds tend to be neglected in this pursuit of rapid economic growth, efficiency and a certain enforced uniformity. Sungai Road Thieves Market is one such district, and that district has been around since the 1930s. Thieves Market was put to a halt due the development of the MRT’s Downtown Line. The said peddlers have since migrated from their space in Sungai Road to having their own stalls at Chinatown Market Place. They brought back what was lost.


Camjutitis, as known as Cerebrano Socijustitis, is a disorder when an individual has difficulty regulating their emotions and it becomes a danger to themselves or other people. It is both relatively common and very serious in today’s society. An individual who is suffering from this disease has extremist viewpoint of overblown political correctness, often without a clear base of knowledge on the issue but instead relying on personal opinion. Camjutitis is a 3-stages disease that becomes more deadly to an individual’s mental health if it not treated at the initial stage.

The Hard Truth

Constant complaining. It is attention-seeking. Avoiding possible solutions. With these in place, it rewires the brain to promote negativity in the brain. In the long run, it becomes a habit. The Hard Truth is meant for the whiners out there. The publication gives a perspective of the person who listens to those complaints. Social issue is something that we cannot see. Thus, the visuals used in this publication turn the unseen into something tangible.

It's Killing Us Slowly

The vast majority of us have known that plastic has always been a problem. A plastic bag takes about 500 years to fully degrade. However, it breaks into smaller pieces, which is called micro-plastic. An average, a human consumes about 74000 particles of micro-plastic. It enters out bloodstream and possibly contains cancerous compounds. It’s Killing Us Slowly is a campaign that shares the danger of micro-plastics. Now, I raise this question. If animals can die from consuming plastic, how are we so special?