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AboutFace Edition 1

Many are aware of veganism but not many know the reasons and benefits behind it. Inspired by the Cowspiracy documentary, AboutFace is a vegan magazine that aims to create awareness of our eating habits and its impact on the environment in hopes of invoking a positive change in our food consumption. The content is curated to educate people on vegan foods and its dietary considerations. Unlike other vegan magazines, AboutFace takes an illustrative approach to a controversial topic. Credit: The images used to create this poster are taken online

Movement Photography

A series of six photographs, Movement interpretes synaesthesia by creating a hidden language using sounds that can’t be heard by the human ear. ​Synaesthesia is the neurological phenomenon in which the brain mixes up the senses; stimulation of one of the senses leads to experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. The work explores the concept of synaesthesia and visual spaces that are both real and surreal. The images were created by using water, sound and lighting with a little colour touchup.

Wouldyousaveme Campaign

Intended to bring out the compassion people have for animals, #Wouldyousaveme campaign aims to spread awareness and educate the public on veganism. People always say they love animals and care about them but why are some animals treasured and treated as pets while others are not? Research shows that humans adore cats, babies and humans (themselves). With that in mind, the posters highlight the sentiment by showing that all living beings are equal. Credit: The images used to create this poster are taken online

Pascernin X Virus (HealthCare Packaging)

Assigned with inventing an imaginary virus, the Pascernin X virus is a mutation virus that is caused by bad farming practices and corruption in the industry. Humans start to mutate into the very livestock they consume. This fictional virus was created to educate the public on how the food industry result to unethical means to keep up with the high demand of meat, which would in turn start to affect its consumers if we don’t do something about it soon.

La Flamour

Fragrance sticks making process collage

La Flamour

The world is starting to see the result of our environmental negligence and man-made waste is one of them. However, due to the constant coverage, people have become numb to it, thus La Flamour was created. Presented as a romantic and sensual product, La Flamour repurposes “waste” from natural products such as flowers and fruit skins by turning them into fragrance sticks targeted towards the younger crowd.

Big Lies

Big Lies is a series of artworks accompanied by a zine that discusses the lies made by people about the fashion industry. The fashion industry is ​a global environmental injustice. Clothes are essential but it’s not when we overbuy. People lie to themselves to justify their purchase but convenience is a luxury we can no longer afford. Big lies follows a series of lies accompanied by designs to show the truth about the fashion industry. It's created using hand stitched typography with painted illustrations over it.