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Civilization Typography - Creating a writing system in a pandemic

Are we prepared when a pandemic is no longer containable? A dystopian writing system of a re imagined future that mirrors the present we live today, The Dead Counter’s Medical Journal portrays a world where infection and diseases are rampant and a cure is non-existent. With medical staff being shorthanded , an entirely new writing system is needed to teach new medical residents at rapid pace. Amalgamating ancient medical symbolism, prefixes and futuristic code, medicine has never been more crucial.

Peruse - A publication exploring the symbolism in Japanese cinema

Cinema is a form of art, and thus is a way of expressing our ideas, and putting them into audiovisual media. Yet not many know the inspirations behind their favourite films or the message it’s trying to get across. Peruse is a publication I’ve created that is dedicated to to exploring the intersections between film and its deeper meanings. The first issue explores Japan’s influence in film-making around the world and the use of symbolism in cult classics.

Obsessed - Flogging a narrative in the psychological horror genre in books

Psychological Horror is a genre that people tend to look down upon and not take very seriously. It has a reputation of being a low, somewhat trashy, titillating genre that appeals to our basest instincts. And more often than not, it’s always through the eyes of the protagonist. Obsessed is a storybook project that is an adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s short story titled “The Doll”. An exaggeration on the concept of love to the extreme; Incest, the story is told in the perspective of the antagonist whereby an obsessive, sexually abusive father finds out that his daughter has eloped with Julio, her fiance. The narrative portrays him writing love letters to her, hoping she’d come back. All the while showing his descent into madness

A publication on the freedom to express

This project is a reflection of my experience I had during my overseas immersion trip to Glasgow. Titled Disclaimer, it’s a visual synopsis of what had inspired and affected my overall perspective of design. Disclaimer is a publication that highlights the lack of freedom of expression in design thinking as well as design outcome in Singapore’s culture compared to art culture overseas.