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Elecgo Title Page

Product in situ

Ideation Sketches

the batteries were modelled around the existing Edinburgh e-bikes the design alterations were minimal and only included to allow safe and comfortable user handling. The station concepts then iterated through different infrastructure connections, attachments and exchange interactions.

Prototyping Iterations

Prototypes were used to iterate the design, establish scale and test user journey steps.

The Elecgo Charging System

includes the modular charge station, the retrofitting battery to bike connector and the unique batteries designed for user handling.

Exploded View

Charge Station overview

Exchange Interaction

The fall-down door design creates an angled lip to rest the weight of the battery before insertion. The slope creates easy downward sliding action.

Unique Elecgo Batteries

E-bike batteries are deceptively heavy and therefore weight and handling was an important exchange interaction design consideration. Comfort and portability were tested in real weight scenarios for evaluation.

Elecgo Station Render

Modularity Animation

Battery to Bike Interaction Animation

Both the handles on the battery and doors of the charge unit are accessibility touch points. To address the high vandalism rate their design was detailed to deter unwanted attention.